What is the average wage in indonesia?

What Is The Average Wage In Indonesia?

The average wage in Indonesia is around $700 per month. This may not seem like a lot, but it is enough to live comfortably in Indonesia. The cost of living is relatively low, so $700 can go a long way. The average wage is also increasing as the country’s economy continues to grow.

There is no one answer to this question since the average wage in Indonesia will vary depending on a variety of factors, including location, occupation, and experience. However, according to the World Bank, the average wage in Indonesia is currently $1,350 per month. This means that the average Indonesian worker earns just over $15 per hour. This is significantly lower than the country’s GDP per capita, which is currently around $30,000. Nevertheless, it is still one of the highest wages in Southeast Asia.

The Average Earnings in Indonesia

What is the minimum salary in indonesia?

The minimum wage in Indonesia varies by province, district, and sector. The lowest minimum wage in the province of Central Java is 1,100,000 rupiah per month, while the highest is 3,100,000 rupiah per month in Jakarta.

1. The average wage in Indonesia is around $650 per month.
2. Indonesia has a relatively low cost of living, so the average wage goes further than in many other countries.
3. Despite recent economic growth, wages in Indonesia have not increased significantly in recent years.
4. Many Indonesians work in the informal economy and do not earn a formal wage.
5. There is significant regional variation in wages across Indonesia, with workers in Jakarta and other major cities typically earning more than those in rural areas.


The average wage in Indonesia is around $2,000USD per month. This is a great salary for someone who has experience working in the country, as well as being bilingual. There are also many opportunities to make additional money through side hustles, such as freelancing or starting your own business.

The average wage in Indonesia is likely to be significantly lower than the typical wages of other countries in Southeast Asia. This is due to a number of factors, including the country’s low income levels and its high level of employment inequality. However, with hard work and dedication, anyone could potentially earn a decent living in Indonesia – so long as they are willing to take on some additional challenges.

1. The average wage in Indonesia is $2,700 per month.
2. The minimum wage in Indonesia is $1,100 per month.
3. The median wage in Indonesia is $1,950 per month.
4. The maximum wage in Indonesia is $5,000 per month.
5. In Indonesia, the average worker makes about $0.30 per hour

How Much Is The Average Person’s Salary In Indonesia?

What is the average income of indonesia 2021?

The national income per capita in Indonesia was more than 50 million Indonesian rupiah in 2021, up from around 42.16 million the previous year.

The lowest average salary in the country will be lower than the highest average, and the highest average salary will be higher than the highest average. Minimum and maximum salaries range from 3,070,000 to 54,200,000 idr.

The cost of living in prominent cities like bali and jakarta is 43 and 41, respectively. The cost of business functioning is low when compared to New York or Paris. In a country with a low cost of living, the cost of commodities necessary for the smooth operation of a business are lower.

Why is indonesian wage so low?

Why is the salary level in Jakarta and Indonesia so low? It is about supply and demand. The job is not being filled by a qualified worker. It always has demand and supply from the beginning.

1. What is the average hourly wage in Indonesia?
2. What is the average monthly wage in Indonesia?
3. What is the average yearly wage in Indonesia?
4. How do wages in Indonesia compare to other countries in Southeast Asia?
5.What are some of the factors that contribute to variation in wages across different sectors and regions within Indonesia?

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1. The average wage in Indonesia is $1,197.
2. The average wage in Indonesia increases with level of education.
3. The most popular occupation for earners in Indonesia is service workers.
4. Women earn on average 20% less than men in Indonesia.
5. The country with the highest wage overall is Qatar, at $3,889 per year.

Other labor indicators in indonesia

What is average wage in bali?

Salary rankings by profession

You would want to be on the right side of the graph with the group earning more. The median is the middle salary value. Half of the population are earning less than the median salary of 11,400,000 idr, while the other half are earning more.

75% of the population are earning less than 30,000,000 idr, while 25% are earning more than 30,000,000 idr. The 25th and the 75th percentiles are related to the median. 25% of the population are earning less than 650,000 idr while 75% are earning more than 650,000 idr, according to the salary distribution diagram.